Apr 162011

Once again the readership has some questions about a recipe post – is this the start of a tradition? Or does spring just bring out all of the complainers?

Do you have to use the pork? I’m not a fan.

Okay. First things first. If you don’t like pork then you are probably reading the wrong blog. Just saying. But yes, you can simply substitute another half kilo or beef for the pork. But toss in a teaspoon of dried thyme to add a bit more interest and to make of for some of the sweetness you lose by deep-sixing the pork.

Fennel? Really?.

Yes, fennel. I’m guessing you have never actually met an Italian person. Fennel is the traditional seasoning for pork. Especially ground pork. In fact, if you really want a big hit of old-school Italian flavour, replace the plain ground pork with an equal amount of loose sausage meat. That’s-a nice!

Can I just make this in the oven?

Yes. And it will be great. Just not strong as great. But still, you know, great.

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