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“Emergency Brisket”

In previous posts I have made passing mention of – and will expand later this week upon – the fact that smoking brisket isn’t hard, tricky, or any great arcane mystery. All you really need is the right cut of … Continue reading

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Coney Dogs – Detroit Style, Take 1

After some fiddling, some cursing, some serious head-scratching, and a couple of dozen dogs down the hatch … I think I have a valid starting point for a workable Detroit-style coney sauce. It is by no means perfect and I … Continue reading

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“Big Beefer Ribs”

FAUX-Q ALERT! This is a dish that you can – if you don’t have access to a smoker or barbeque pit – quite happily make in your oven and get a result that won’t have the same taste as smoked … Continue reading

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The Four Best Burger Tips Ever

Okay, grillheads, listen up – this one is for you. Just because you aren’t cooking barbeque doesn’t mean you cant benefit from some barbeque techniques and lore. So fire up those grills, get out the ground chuck, and take heed: … Continue reading

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“Smoke It If You Got It” Barbeque Sauce

One more recipe to get you going here. While the vast majority of barbeque spice comes from rubs instead of saucing – the cooking process is so long that most sauces end up burning or hardening – there is still … Continue reading

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“True North” Beef Rub

Rubs for beef are a real bone of contention with a lot of people. There is a large and vocal brigade out there that believes that the flavour of beef is so rich and complex to begin with that the … Continue reading

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