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Adventures In Planking – Part 2

Welcome back, plankers. In our first thrilling episode we talked about what kind of wood you should select for planking, and where to get it. Today we will discuss two absolutely cruicial concepts: plank thickness, and plank preparation. The two … Continue reading

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Adventures In Planking – Part 1

You cant watch a cooking show for like 15 seconds now without someone babbling on about “planking”. And no doubt you have seen all sorts of “plank paraphernalia” down at ye olde barbeque store or over at the local big … Continue reading

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UPDATE – Charred Pineapple

As promised, I have updated the instructions and photos for the Charred Pineapple with Maple and Cinnamon recipe. The shapes and cuts make way more sense now, but the taste remains yummily the same. Enjoy.

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“Charred Pineapple With Maple And Cinnamon”

UPDATE: I have changed the cutting pattern to a far more useful (and more obvious, I don’t know what I was thinking before) layout that gives four equal portions and is easier to finish. New pictures included! GRILLHEAD ALERT: This … Continue reading

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The Four Best Burger Tips Ever

Okay, grillheads, listen up – this one is for you. Just because you aren’t cooking barbeque doesn’t mean you cant benefit from some barbeque techniques and lore. So fire up those grills, get out the ground chuck, and take heed: … Continue reading

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Buttery Cheesy Onion Casserole

This is a super simple side dish that has four ingredients (disclaimer: I used six ingredients here, but you dont have to), tastes like a million bucks, and has serious potential when paired with anything that likes either onions or … Continue reading

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Grilling Is Not A Crime, Or Anything Like That

Let’s be clear: Grilling isn’t any sort of great evil. Grilling often results in some quick and tasty food, and in some cases (hot dogs, hamburgers*, steaks, yummy vegetables) grilling is pretty much the correct way to cook. So – … Continue reading

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