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Meatball Beta Test

It’s a pretty safe bet that you love a nice meatball sandwich. Why? Because everyone loves a nice meatball sandwich, that’s why. Unless you a vegan or something, in which case you are totally on the wrong web site anyway. … Continue reading

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“Diamondstar Halo” Sauce

This started out as a quest for a dipping sauce for chicken, and ended with a super simple bit of liquid love that you can dip damn near anything into with delicious results. The name, if you were wondering, is … Continue reading

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Coney Dogs – Detroit Style, Take 1

After some fiddling, some cursing, some serious head-scratching, and a couple of dozen dogs down the hatch … I think I have a valid starting point for a workable Detroit-style coney sauce. It is by no means perfect and I … Continue reading

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“Smoke It If You Got It” Barbeque Sauce

One more recipe to get you going here. While the vast majority of barbeque spice comes from rubs instead of saucing – the cooking process is so long that most sauces end up burning or hardening – there is still … Continue reading

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“True North” Pork Rub

This is my “utility” rub – while I did mix it specifically for ribs and pork butt, it works on almost anything. If I am out of another rub or just starting to work out a new recipe, this is … Continue reading

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