Feb 222012

I’m going to start the Big February Dessert Extravaganza Of Doom with something that’s not really a dessert in it’s own – although in one of its two incarnations is very well could be. The first salvo in our effort to battle the mid-winter blahs is in fact a dessert condiment.

That’s right. I said “dessert condiment”.

This particular recipe grew out of the idea that it might be nice to have something other than ice cream as the topping on a warm dessert once in a while. Specifically, something with more of a liquid texture for topping cobbler or dumpling sorts of desserts where it might be nice to have something to soak into the doughy vehicle that carries the fruit. Combine that thought with my recent jonesing for frozen custard – while you can get frozen custard all over the U.S. midwest, its generally unknown in the rest of North America – and you get this: A sweet and citrus-tanged custard cream that can be poured over warm desserts like a thick devon cream or can be popped into your ice cream maker to make a deliciously light frozen custard.

Like the title says, it goes both ways.

Interested? Keep reading and lets whip up a batch. Get this ready today and tomorrow I’ll give you something new to pour it onto. With bacon.

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Jun 202011

No, not Jamaica the place. Jamaica the drink. It’s a tangy fresh flavoured water made from steeping the bud coverings (that’s the “calyces” for all you botany students out there) of the flowers of the jamaica plant. Jamaica is tart and complex and delicious and it makes an incredible alternative to iced tea on a hot summer day or alongside a big plate of rich smoky barbeque meat. It’s reminiscent of cranberry juice, but with overtones of grapes and plums and a big hit of flowery summer goodness. It’s also packed with vitamin C, antioxidants, and flavonoids so you can feel pretty smug about drinking it, too.
You can get dried jamaica “flowers” (most people seem to think they are flowers, and trying to tell them the difference between a flower and a calyces is going to get you nothing but blank looks, so just let it slide) at most latin and Caribbean markets, either pre-packaged or in bulk. Hint: Buy bulk if you can, it’s cheaper and you tend to get a better product.
Ready to try something different? Three ingredients and a few minutes of your time is all it takes. Let’s go.

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Jul 072009

UPDATE: I have changed the cutting pattern to a far more useful (and more obvious, I don’t know what I was thinking before) layout that gives four equal portions and is easier to finish. New pictures included!
GRILLHEAD ALERT: This one is a pure grilling recipe and takes direct heat, so all of you non-barbeque guys can jump on board today. You will knock your guests out when you serve this up as either an after-meal treat or as an appetizer.

This is a super-simple combination of pineapple, maple syrup, cinnamon, and a hot grill. It brings a smorgasbord or bold and subtle flavours to the party, and looks fabulous on the plate. It gets served in it’s own skin and looks faboo. The only real challenge here is the cutting, and anyone with a couple of sharp knives will do just fine.

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