Grilling Is Not A Crime, Or Anything Like That

Let’s be clear: Grilling isn’t any sort of great evil. Grilling often results in some quick and tasty food, and in some cases (hot dogs, hamburgers*, steaks, yummy vegetables) grilling is pretty much the correct way to cook. So – while I am going to remain pretty hardcore about the fact that grilling is not barbeque, I am also going to be giving grilling it’s proper due … talking about it, doing it, and sharing some ideas. It helps that the Egg is not only a fabulous inderect cooker and smoker, but an incredible grill.

There is no shame in grilling., Just make sure you call it what it is, and don’t use the “b” word when talking about it.

*NOTE: While grilling makes generally excellent hamburgers, I have been using the smoker to take sliders to a whole new level this year. Details and photos to come.

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