The Readers Write!

“Awesome George” from Quincy, Illinois (honestly, that is how he signed his email!) with a great tip about mixing rubs:

Your rubs are great, but sometimes the brown sugar in the mixes can clog up. If you want rubs with no lumps, tell people to add the brown sugar and one of the salt ingredients first, and mix those. The salt will suck moisture out of the sugar and let it stay nice and smooth. Then add all the other ingredients and you will get a nice blend with no sugar bumps.

George, you are aptly named. I tried this out and it works exactly as advertised … in fact, it was awesome. I will be updating the order of ingredients and the instructions to both the pork and chicken rubs. You earn the first ever “True North BBQ Awesome Reader Of The Week” award. Wear it well, my friend, wear it well.

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