The Readers Write, Again!

If you are not from California, there is a very good chance that you have no idea what the hell tri-tip is. In California they love and revere this particular cut of beef. In Texas they consider it dog food. And in the rest of the world it gets cut up and sold as stewing beef, which is the worst sort of tragedy. Tri-tip is easily the second-most flavourful cut of beef, trailing only brisket in this regard and miles ahead of the second runners-up like prime rib and top sirloin. The cut is an odd triangular chunk from the very bottom of the sirloin. Your butcher probably knows what it is. If he or she doesn’t know what it is you should either get a new butcher or whip out your phone and show the mope this handy diagram. I vote for the new butcher.
Remember this layout and memorize it. Later this summer we’ll do some tri-tip here and hopefully introduce you to a new world of beefy goodness.

So what does this have to do with the reader mail? Easy – today’s comment and question comes from Tammy (apparently no “awesome” in her signature) sunny California. She points out that the Basic Chicken For Dipping also reheats just fine after freezing (this I did not know!). She also wonders just how many pieces of that insanely good dipped chicken she should make for guests. A good rule of thumb here is to never ever (eeeeever) come up short. The average joe will eat two pieces of chicken as part of a meal. So put on three per person – this gives you more for the folks that crave another piece (this is crave-worthy chicken!) and if you do have any extra its no chore at all for you to heat the leftovers up the next day and indulge again.
Just remember that you want the dip to be hot, and you dont want to dip your chicken pieces until they are about to hit the plate. If you are serving informally, put the platter of chicken out beside some sort of vessel containing the hot dip, and instruct your guests on the process. Don’t forget to provide tongs! They can dip each piece as they take it, they’ll have a bit of fun, you’ll look like a star, and the leftovers will be in their pristine and un-dipped state for easy reheating the next day.

Win, win, and win. You’re welcome.

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