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Some nameless guy wrote:

I looked at your rub recipe. It looks like it will cost about a dollar to make a tub full. Rubs at the barbeque store cost 6 bucks for a little jar. What are you leaving out?

Dude. Here is the dirty little secret of virtually every specialty retail store on the planet: They sell their main item – grills, bicycles, computers, guitars, whatever – at pretty much cost, and make all of their profit on insane markups on all of the ancillary crap. In the case of Ye Olde Local BBQ Retailer, it means the tongs and grill baskets and planks and charcoal and especially rubs with fancy names and bright happy labels.

The only thing I am leaving out is the screwjob.

So. I already gave you a heads up on how to save some coin when you are planking. Consider the rubs the same sort of gift. Use my yummy rubs instead of those six dollar jar dealies and you will keep enough dough in your pocket to pay for at least a case of beer over the course of the summer.

Mix up some rubs and enjoy your free beer. You’re welcome.

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