Charcoal Review – Nature’s Mesquite

Wow – the charcoals just keep on coming! And yes, in case you were wondering, I do use all of these regularly. Different tools for different tasks – picking the right charcoal for the job is just as important as the right cut of meat or the right rub.

Now then. Today is another quick entry, because it is another special-purpose lump. Mesquite charcoal is heavily aromatic and most of them are far too harsh for anything but grilling the thickest cuts of meat. The mesquite lump from Nature’s, however, is one of the mildest I have ever used and definitely a keeper. I generally reserve my use of this for steaks, beef rib cuts, and tri-tip, but you could use it to cook anything with four legs and be generally happy with it.

When push comes to shove, though, this is all about making beef sing. Read on to get the whole aria.


Nature’s Mesquite breaks the mesquite mold in a lot of ways. It’s mildly aromatic – although you are still getting huge amounts that one-of-a-kind mesquite smell – it lights well, and it doesn’t coat your pit or grill with great gluey gobs of creosote. Like pretty much every other mesquite charcoal on the planet, though, it burns hot. Not Charcos hot, but hot enough that if you have never used it before you could be in for a bit of a nasty surprise if you don’t keep your eye on things.

Consider yourself warned.

Beyond that, there are no real surprises here. It’s made from mesquite (obviously) which is essentially a crap tree that grows instantly and anywhere, and you can feel good from the environmental point of view. There is no binder or stabilizer of any sort, so the ash production is generally low and you don’t have to worry about odd additives compromising the taste or aroma. You might have to look around for it, however, being a definitet specialty charcoal you aren’t going to find it at the grocery store on the big box home improvement joint. Hike yourself over to the barbeque specialty store if you want to get a bag or two.

If you are still working with mixed hardwoods, or have just started with real hardwood lumps, do yourself a favour and get a bag of this for the next time you are grilling up some steaks, roasting a nice chunk of beef, or making the best damn beef ribs you have ever had. Everything that is good about beef is better with mesquite.

On The Web: Nature’s Grilling Products

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