Housekeeping Monday

A couple of small maintenance things today:
I’ve updated the “Best Bets” page with links to some of the recipes that you seem to have liked the best. If you have been coming here for a while this won’t be any sort of news, but on the off chance you are a first-time visitor, you might want to give that page a peek.

The mobile version should be alive and behaving for everyone with an iPhone, iPod Touch, Android phone, Palm Pre (or any other WebOS phone), and some Blackberries. Blackberries seem to report as all sorts of different browsers, even within the same model family, so it can be hard to catch them and properly reformat for them. Then again, I don’t imagine that there are very many people out there who hate themselves enough to do web on a ‘berry.

And all you iPad visitors should now be seeing a spiffy iPad native interface that looks and behaves like the average app. Flip to switch pages, floating menus, fly-in editing, the works. And you can even save the thing as a Safari-wrapped web app to your home screens if you like. Enjoy.

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