The Best Burger Blend 2.0

I learned a valuable lesson this week: Never ever declare anything to be completely done. If you do, and then you post that into some semi-permanent form like, oh, a cooking blog, and then you have to change it or update it later … you look like a tool. So, yeah, gaze upon me in all my tool-ness as I completely contradict the finality of my “Best Burger Blend Period” and offer you up a superior variant. Burger 2.0. The evolution of a really great burger into a stupidly awesome burger. And the best grilled burger you will ever eat. Until, of course, I come up with the next one.

As before, you want to hike yourself off to your favourite butcher. And as before, you want to ask said butcher to grind you up some brisket and some boneless short ribs. But unlike before, you also want to get yourself some ground bacon. Double-smoked if you can get it. You want two parts ground brisket, two parts ground short ribs, and one part ground bacon. Be sure to let your meat guru know that this is for burgers so that he gives you the correct grind.

When you get home you can make patties from the blend as is, or you can add in some seasoned bread crumbs, it’s totally up to you. Normally I am loathe to use any filler or binder in a burger blend, but in this case it helps to soak up all that delicious bacon fat as it renders out and keep it in the patty instead of in the pit of your grill. If you feel empirical about the whole thing, make half one way and half the other and then decide which way you want to use going forward. It’s not like you aren’t going to enjoy eating the loser.

Remember: Butcher, two parts ground brisket, two parts ground short ribs, one part ground bacon. patties, grill, eat. The best freaking burger blend you will ever have.

For now.

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