Tomato Farm Redux

A couple of months ago I rambled on about my secret (well, not anymore) passion for gardening and my trip down to the Tree and Twig farm to get my tomato seedlings. I thought a quick update was in order for anyone who was curious about the varieties I mentioned and what they might look like. So I snapped a picture of a day’s pickings from my garden:
And then notated it for your viewing pleasure:
In this mouth-watering bowl of sun-kissed goodness there is:

  1. Orange Santa
  2. Cinnamon Pear
  3. Austin Red Pear
  4. Dr. Carolyn
  5. Sophie’s Choice
  6. Indian Moon
  7. Fablonelstyni

Moments after the picture was snapped the biggest of the Sophie’s Choice was sacrificed as the “T” in a new BLT that I am working on, one which features peach-glazed fire-roasted bacon. Stay tuned for more details on that in the next few days.

And you can just ignore the random pineapple lurking in the back. Really.

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