Underrated Kitchen Tool #1 – Pliers

Yes, pliers. If you don’t have a pair of pliers set aside for food use in the kitchen you need to get down to your hardware vendor of choice and get a pair right now. Buy a serviceable pair with non-slip grips, put them in the utensil drawer, and use them. I was pulling the membranes from beef ribs today – you would be surprised at how many people don’t think to do it for beef ribs – and it occurred to me that without my trusty kitchen pliers it would be a miserable job.

They help with everything from skewering to threading to picking bones to removing membranes and silverskin. And a bucketful of other things besides. A quality pair will set you back less than 10 bucks, they will last you forever, and you will thank me every time you use them.

See you at the hardware store.

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