The Depths Of February

There is no way of getting around this, so I will just throw it out there: February is a shit month for cooking barbeque in the Great White North.

So to change things up a bit and to help shake off the mid-winter blahs, I hereby declare this dessert week. Dessert is a crucial part of any great barbeque – the only thing better that rich saucy tender smoky meat is a big load of sweet and gooey dessert afterwards. Now is the time to try out some new after-dinner ideas and build up a repertoire of sweet finishers that you can tuck into your bag of tricks and pull out come spring and summer.

In my professional opinion, you should cook and eat a new dessert at least 14 times before serving it to guests. For, er, research purposes. Fill up your sugar bin and stay tuned – I’ll try and post three sweet ideas over the next three days.

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