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“Mucho Macho Machaca” Beef

One of the more interesting things about brisket is the “Costco effect” – the bigger your go, the better the price. You see partial points in the grocery store, things that look about the size of a badass steak, but … Continue reading

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“Neko Greeko Pico”

This particular pico de gallo use to have a really sucky name. That was unfortunate. Now, however, it has an awesome name which is entirely fitting since it is an awesome flavour mix. The new name just sort of popped … Continue reading

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Cookin’ Comix, Episode 2

The readers have spoken, and due to popular demand … Cookin’ Comix returns! Enjoy!

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Roasty Red Salsa

After my brief digression about the difference between “salsa” and “pico de gallo”, a couple of people wrote to ask if I had a quick recipe for actual salsa. Darn tootin’ I do. Actually, if we are going to be … Continue reading

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The Readers Write – Mango Edition!

Awesome George dropped me a line regarding the Mango Pico De Gallo: Hey guy! I made your mango pico and it was pretty f’n good, but if you put a bit of habanero into it is AWESOME. Have you tried … Continue reading

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Mango Pico De Gallo

Did you know that the stuff most gringos call “salsa” is actually “pico de gallo”? It’s true! If it has pieces of stuff in it that you can pick up with your thumb and forefinger (like a rooster picking up … Continue reading

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Something Different

I’ve been kicking around a few ideas on how to deal with quick food ideas that don’t really rate a full “recipe post” treatment. This is what I have come up with – if you like it, let me know … Continue reading

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Super Awesome Tip – Chicken Broth

In the recent discussion of “spatchcocking” I reminded you to save the spine of your chicken for making stock. This goes for the rest of your trimmed and discarded parts any time you cook chicken – the spine, the wing … Continue reading

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Having roasted or barbeque chicken in the fridge and ready to use for everything from paninis to pasta dishes to a quick quesadilla is a brilliant idea. It’s tasty, healthy, neutral enough that you can go in almost any direction, … Continue reading

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Scenes From “Sew Hungry”

Last week Hamilton played host to a gathering of food trucks from around Ontario. Ottawa Street was turned into a curbside festival of sights, sounds, and (best of all) tastes from the new street food movement. And while The Steel … Continue reading

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