Best Bets

Quick links to all of the best bits on the site – recipes, tips, how-tos, whatever.


The Shrimp With No Name – the easiest butteriest messiest tastiest spicy barbeque shrimp you will probably ever have.

Emergency Brisket – surprisingly tender and delicious brisket in a fraction of the traditional cooking time.

Chicken For Dipping – crispy juicy roasted chicken, hot-dipped into a spicy/sour Carolina-style sauce.


Alabama Cornbread – the best damn cornbread you will ever have, unless you hate flavour.

Turd Rockets – jalapeño poppers extreme – sweet, hot, smoky, rich, and guaranteed to give you a little “kick in the pants” the next day.


True North Pork Rub – mixed for pulled pork and ribs, but works with almost any meat and/or vegetable.

True North Chicken Rub – for any part or the chicken, any time.

True North Beef Rub – if you want to go beyond salt, pepper, and garlic … try this.


Traditional Smoked BBQ Sauce – for finishing or serving on the side, this is a sauce with an easy-to-work with flavour profile that adapts easily to different meats.

Diamondstar Halo Dipping Sauce – a super-simple vinegar sauce for “hot dipping”.

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