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Brining 101

Let’s cut right to the chase: People are intimidated by brine. They shouldn’t be, but they are. Brining is simple, relatively foolproof if you remember one important rule, and makes a massive difference in the quality of your finished meat. … Continue reading

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Super Awesome Tip – Chicken Broth

In the recent discussion of “spatchcocking” I reminded you to save the spine of your chicken for making stock. This goes for the rest of your trimmed and discarded parts any time you cook chicken – the spine, the wing … Continue reading

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Having roasted or barbeque chicken in the fridge and ready to use for everything from paninis to pasta dishes to a quick quesadilla is a brilliant idea. It’s tasty, healthy, neutral enough that you can go in almost any direction, … Continue reading

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“Flashing Chicken”

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away … Er, wait. Wrong script. A not-so-long time ago, in the fine city of Hamilton, there was a take-out and delivery place called “Hamilton Barbeque”. Two things made the place … Continue reading

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How To Dip Chicken

As promised, here is the start-to-finish rundown on how to do the whole “crispy chicken dipped in spicy sauce” thing. And yes, I am fully aware that the title sucks. I started with “How To Make Dipped Chicken” but that … Continue reading

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“Basic Chicken For Dipping”

This is a basic coated chicken that is a perfect starting point for your adventures and experimentation in dipping. It’s easy to make, is wickedly versatile, and can be cooked in pretty much anything that offers an option for indirect … Continue reading

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More On Chicken And Dipping

So a handful of people have written in with questions about the whole dipping thing. Never fear – I’ve got your back on this one. Over the next couple of days I’ll hook you up with a foolproof way to … Continue reading

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“Diamondstar Halo” Sauce

This started out as a quest for a dipping sauce for chicken, and ended with a super simple bit of liquid love that you can dip damn near anything into with delicious results. The name, if you were wondering, is … Continue reading

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“Chicken Shakeys”

Okay – first things first. I realize that “Chicken Shakeys” is a terrible name, but the problem is this: Until about a day ago, these things had no name at all. I have been making them for pretty much ever, … Continue reading

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“Smoke It If You Got It” Barbeque Sauce

One more recipe to get you going here. While the vast majority of barbeque spice comes from rubs instead of saucing – the cooking process is so long that most sauces end up burning or hardening – there is still … Continue reading

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