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Gastro-Disasters: A Visual Archive Of Things Our Parents Thought Looked Yummy

Just in time for the culinary debauchery of the U.S. Thanksgiving, the fine folks at Flashbak have scrounged up a truly appalling collection of food advertisements from days of yore. In the days before food stylists, digital editing, and apparently … Continue reading

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National Brisket Day

That’s right – May 28th is National Brisket Day. It is also National Hamburger Day, which is an interesting coincidence since the World’s Best Burger Blend just happens to contain brisket. Funny how that works. When it comes to smoking … Continue reading

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What’s The Deal With Grilled Pizza?

Reader question time! “Do you have an opinion on grilled pizza? I want to try but I am not sure how the dough will cook and not burn. And also, I was looking at pizza stones.” This is an excellent … Continue reading

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Brining 101

Let’s cut right to the chase: People are intimidated by brine. They shouldn’t be, but they are. Brining is simple, relatively foolproof if you remember one important rule, and makes a massive difference in the quality of your finished meat. … Continue reading

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A Big Green Egg Pro Tip

The Big Green Egg is famous for holding constant temperatures for long periods of time with minimal attention and fuss. This is a good thing. But what if you want to change the temperature in a hurry? If you need … Continue reading

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The Depths Of February

There is no way of getting around this, so I will just throw it out there: February is a shit month for cooking barbeque in the Great White North. So to change things up a bit and to help shake … Continue reading

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The Readers Write – Mango Edition!

Awesome George dropped me a line regarding the Mango Pico De Gallo: Hey guy! I made your mango pico and it was pretty f’n good, but if you put a bit of habanero into it is AWESOME. Have you tried … Continue reading

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Super Awesome Tip – Chicken Broth

In the recent discussion of “spatchcocking” I reminded you to save the spine of your chicken for making stock. This goes for the rest of your trimmed and discarded parts any time you cook chicken – the spine, the wing … Continue reading

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Scenes From “Sew Hungry”

Last week Hamilton played host to a gathering of food trucks from around Ontario. Ottawa Street was turned into a curbside festival of sights, sounds, and (best of all) tastes from the new street food movement. And while The Steel … Continue reading

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Underrated Kitchen Tool #1 – Pliers

Yes, pliers. If you don’t have a pair of pliers set aside for food use in the kitchen you need to get down to your hardware vendor of choice and get a pair right now. Buy a serviceable pair with … Continue reading

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