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What’s The Deal With Grilled Pizza?

Reader question time! “Do you have an opinion on grilled pizza? I want to try but I am not sure how the dough will cook and not burn. And also, I was looking at pizza stones.” This is an excellent … Continue reading

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Punch Up Your Fajitas With Flatiron

So yeah. While these pages are here to celebrate and promote the delectable art of cooking barbeque, I have (as mentioned in the past) nothing against grilling. Grilling is not barbeque, but grilling is good. Grilling makes sense for a … Continue reading

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Brining 101

Let’s cut right to the chase: People are intimidated by brine. They shouldn’t be, but they are. Brining is simple, relatively foolproof if you remember one important rule, and makes a massive difference in the quality of your finished meat. … Continue reading

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Having roasted or barbeque chicken in the fridge and ready to use for everything from paninis to pasta dishes to a quick quesadilla is a brilliant idea. It’s tasty, healthy, neutral enough that you can go in almost any direction, … Continue reading

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The Best Burger Blend 2.0

I learned a valuable lesson this week: Never ever declare anything to be completely done. If you do, and then you post that into some semi-permanent form like, oh, a cooking blog, and then you have to change it or … Continue reading

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“Patricia Zucchini Crostini”

So I was thinking about a nice savoury zucchini appetizer, maybe a bruschetta, and after I got all excited about it I realized it was too hot to be doing anything but the absolute simplest version of anything. So instead … Continue reading

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How To Grill Perfect Steaks

I wanted to call this post “Classic Steak House Grilling” or better yet “Vintage Steak House Grilling” but I went with the more pedestrian title in deference to the various search engines out there. I’m pretty sure that most people … Continue reading

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Big Green Egg XL Review

Spring, sprung. And thankfully, the end of the youth-speak. About time. In our previous two thrilling installments, we looked at a pair of single-use cookers – a large-capacity direct-heat charcoal grill and a “low and slow” pellet-feed smoker. Both do … Continue reading

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Char-Griller Super Pro / Smokin’ Pro Review

Three days until spring. As the kids say, boo-yah! And just to keep you all on your toes, I’m going to start the “Spring Countdown Triple-Header Equipment Review Fest” with something that has nothing at all to do with barbeque. … Continue reading

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The Best Burger Blend. Period.

UPDATE: This post is no longer valid, except in an archival kind of way. A curiousity, as it were. And it is still a viable alternative if you don’t/can’t/won’t eat pork. But if the added goodness of bacon is not … Continue reading

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