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“Waste Not Want Not” Buttermilk Biscuits

UPDATE: The original version as posted on the site resulted in biscuits that were super rich, but didn’t rise as high as traditional recipes. A reader – who has asked for no credit here, so my lips are sealed – … Continue reading

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“Secret Weapon” Make-Ahead Mashed Potatoes

Here’s the thing: When you make mashed potatoes, you almost never make them to go alongside a sandwich or a salad or anything else that is easy and quick to put together. Mashed potatoes are inevitably going to be part … Continue reading

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“Baby Got Smashed” Pan Roasted Potatoes

This is a super-fast and super-easy way to put potatoes on the plate without resorting to the same-old same-old boring ideas. It’s one part boiled potatoes, one part baked, one part mashed, one part “fully loaded” and all parts delicious. … Continue reading

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Cookin’ Comix, Episode 3

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Mango Pico De Gallo

Did you know that the stuff most gringos call “salsa” is actually “pico de gallo”? It’s true! If it has pieces of stuff in it that you can pick up with your thumb and forefinger (like a rooster picking up … Continue reading

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“Turd Rockets”

Let’s just get the name thing out of the way right now. I call these “Turd Rockets” because that is what they were called the first time that I was shown the basic recipe. I have seen them called lots … Continue reading

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“Alabama Cornbread”

If you have ever spent any time at all in the American south, you will know that cornbread is a deadly serious subject. Every region has its own cornbread dogma, and the true believers in any particular state/county/town/swamp are not … Continue reading

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Ribs And Cornbread

So it’s April and it is still snowing at random and vaguely vexing times. Specifically, when I am trying to smoke the season’s first batch of ribs. The forces of light, justice, and meat prevailed, however, and at the end … Continue reading

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First things first: I can take no credit for this recipe whatsoever. I saw it done at a Big Green Egg demonstration over at the barbeque and grill store that I frequent, and the person who demoed it said that … Continue reading

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“Chicken Shakeys”

Okay – first things first. I realize that “Chicken Shakeys” is a terrible name, but the problem is this: Until about a day ago, these things had no name at all. I have been making them for pretty much ever, … Continue reading

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