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Bacon & Bourbon Marmalade

There was a time when bacon jams and bacon marmalades were exceptionally rare things. A handful of people made them at home, you might have found a jar or two in the homemade preserves at a specialty food or craft … Continue reading

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Cookin’ Comix, Episode 3

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Something Different

I’ve been kicking around a few ideas on how to deal with quick food ideas that don’t really rate a full “recipe post” treatment. This is what I have come up with – if you like it, let me know … Continue reading

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“Turd Rockets”

Let’s just get the name thing out of the way right now. I call these “Turd Rockets” because that is what they were called the first time that I was shown the basic recipe. I have seen them called lots … Continue reading

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“Patricia Zucchini Crostini”

So I was thinking about a nice savoury zucchini appetizer, maybe a bruschetta, and after I got all excited about it I realized it was too hot to be doing anything but the absolute simplest version of anything. So instead … Continue reading

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“Alabama Cornbread”

If you have ever spent any time at all in the American south, you will know that cornbread is a deadly serious subject. Every region has its own cornbread dogma, and the true believers in any particular state/county/town/swamp are not … Continue reading

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“Chicken Shakeys”

Okay – first things first. I realize that “Chicken Shakeys” is a terrible name, but the problem is this: Until about a day ago, these things had no name at all. I have been making them for pretty much ever, … Continue reading

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“Charred Pineapple With Maple And Cinnamon”

UPDATE: I have changed the cutting pattern to a far more useful (and more obvious, I don’t know what I was thinking before) layout that gives four equal portions and is easier to finish. New pictures included! GRILLHEAD ALERT: This … Continue reading

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